The best virtual reality sessions
starting at 12,90€!


A new world is waiting for you at mk2 VR: fly with the dinosaures in the 'Jurassic Flight' experience!

Race your friends on a rowing machine

In a tropical jungle or near the ice field, defy your friends!

12,90€ the 50 minutes session for people under 26

Benefit for our new offer and book your session from Monday to Friday!

Virtual reality session in family

Every Saturday and Sunday at 11am and noon, discover virtual reality with your kids during special family sessions

mk2 VR Pod: the best VR solution for professionals

Discover our offer of VR solutions and content by mk2 on our official website!


On your own, couples, friends, family, co-workers

Enthusiastics, passionates, scepticals, confused, geeks and budding geeks, purists and newbies, dreamers, travellers and adventurers, kids and parents… anyone who’s open to a different way of seeing the world.


Unbeatable access to top virtual reality content

In a space designed and built to deliver immersive virtual reality experiences and the very latest technologies, mk2 programmers offer a constantly changing selection of dramas, documentaries, simulations and videogames.


Unlimited content at each session

Buy your ticket to a 50 minutes session! Request a private party session online and enjoy an hour or more to yourselves and your crew. And for companies? We’ve put together some bespoke packages, from teambuilding to training: contact us !


Like the cinema 100 years ago, VR is changing the world

Remember, the first screenings organized by the Lumière brothers over a hundred years ago made people run out of the cinema when they saw the train on the screen hurtling towards them. Virtual reality is a new form of creation that’s changing our way of seeing the world. A new world: make it yours.

The first venue created exclusively for virtual reality

Designed by mk2, mk2 VR is new cultural concept, paced all year long with exclusive and premiere contents. With a panoramic view on the French National Library, the VR station is divided by "VR pods" in the heart of an open space.

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A space that makes the experience easy and accessible

mk2 VR is designed to maximize collective experiences and help you get started. When you come to mk2 VR, just pick up the gamepad, pop on a helmet, follow the instructions and immerse yourself in the content selected by mk2!

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A disruptive design

Designed as a luxury venue in wood, glass and steel, mk2 VR is a unique architectural structure emphasizing user comfort and promoting creation.

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Your bespoke VR event

For businesses or individual customers, the mk2 team will organize the event that suits you best. Teambuilding, training program, conferences, birthday parties or private events, mk2 VR hosts every occasion, from 10 to 200 guests. mk2 VR has an easy access to the mk2 Bibliotheque cinema room and the restaurant Le Corso.

Looking for the best programming for your VR venue or festival?

mk2 is now providing its expertise for the distribution and production of virtual reality content and presenting a new catalogue of around a dozen unique works, from short films to documentaries and video games.

Are you a studio ?

Our programmers select the best virtual reality experiences. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR technologies and full-body immersive simulators can host your content, subject to their technical specificities. Our programming is constantly changing so don't hesitate to submit your projects!

mk2 Bibliothèque

160 avenue de France 75013 Paris

  • Fichier 1 The venue welcomes all VRnautes with reduced mobility.